Randomness in 40K.

Randomness in 40K is a good thing. It's also bad.

It'd be boring if nothing random ever happened. If it was just a chess game and you moved them knowing exactly what would happen. There needs to be random stuff. There needs to be gambling on probabilities.

But some stuff is just wrong. Rolling for a new ability and looking in a table each turn.

Daemonhosts - roll each turn and check to see what ability you have. No. That should have been roll once before the game starts and pick two of the following abilities. Cost adjusted as necessary, or whatever. The thing is ridiculously underpowered and undercosted compared to the lore and fluff anyway. The Jokaero rolls before the game starts is perfectly fine, encouraged even. Your army just took a sudden turn in a direction you hadn't planned on. Adjust and play accordingly. That's great.

Doing that every turn is not so great. You don't want a "serious" game won or lost based on one dice that gave some weird unit some strange thing just for that one turn. That's not skill or exciting or cool. That's just a single dice roll that invalidated all the hard work that either of the players had done so far - unless you wish to claim that the skill is evidenced in getting the unit to a position where it could win the game dramatically in the first place. Which is a bit too meta for me. EDIT: then again, not like C:GK doesn't have a crapton of costly units already, so from a gameplay versus GK perspective this is understandable. But in that case I'd just as soon not have Daemonhosts in the GK codex. Cool model, cool concept, shouldn't be there, bad implementation. But then again, maybe I'm just another Dan Abnett fanboy and Daemons really should be 10 pts.

Coteaz' Psybereagle. Awesome little fluffy addition to a cool guy. No servitor skulls but we can forgive that, it's available via the Techmarine and another Inquisitor and the Grand whosyourdaddy anyway.

The Psybereagle gets D6 attacks. That's just another extra dice that needs to be rolled each turn. I'd be perfectly happy with just 2 attacks, cost adjusted maybe - or 3 attacks and same cost. One less individual dice roll each shooting turn is a simple way to speed up gameplay.

Orks are notoriously dice-roll-y for abilities and things happening. I'm fine with that. Some people love it. Cool. Let those people enjoy their thing, it's supported by tradition and the fluff and lore and all that. But the rest of the game could use with a bit less rolling one single die and looking in an obscure table each turn.

The dice rolling should mostly be confined to things that the players can easily keep memorized already, except for maybe some things here and there, big cool mega-important things. Not like some dipstick little 10-point underpowered daemonhost model that needs a D6 rolled each turn just to see what it can do.

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