Mordheim PFT



Bring a 28mm-ish (standard WH/40K scale) model that is at least black primed and looks like one of the following:

  • Orc Pit Fighter with helm + melee weapon(s)
  • Empire Pit Fighter with helm + melee weapon(s)
  • Undead Pit Fighter with helm + melee weapon(s)
  • Chaos Pit Fighter with helm + melee weapon(s)
  • Ogre melee fighter on standard-size base.
  • Dwarf Slayer with melee weapon(s) but without armour or helm
  • Witch Elf with helm + melee weapon(s)
  • Skink with helm + spear/javelin/trident and net + helm
  • Any mini with spear/javelin/trident and net + helm

No mounted figures, round or square or hex bases. Any gladiator or melee fighter-style GW or Games Foundry style miniatures will do. Painted or black-primed.

No. 2 pencil + eraser.
Notebook or legal pad.
Adrenaline rush tokens - one for each model.
2 US dollars in pennies, nickels or dimes. You may lose your money. 1 cent = 1 gold coin.

Reference card for each participant.
Roster sheet for each participant.
Hit location cards for each participant (print out, glue to playing cards, or print on stiff paper).
Whiteboard + stand + markers for standings/rules explanation.
Hex arena printouts (background graffiti/advertisements: "Skaven rules! Empire Deodorant - strong enough for a soldier, pH balanced for a zombie!" or skulls & crossbones etc.)
3-D arena setup
Grand Prize: old BL book with Mordheim/Drachenfels connection.

Full on persistent world.
Figure out how to seed experienced gladiators - gold solution? Heavy favourite has to part with some of the purse to entice the underdog to field a pit fighter? 50gc purse - split guaranteed 30/20 to the underdog.

Side betting encouraged.
You have an unlimited supply of identical fighters.
All new fighters must have new names.
The final battle will be a free-for all with identical twins of any experienced fighters.

Organizer keeps track of who has how much experience to avoid cheating.

  • Official arena map: (or use any medium-size hex surface).
  • House rules, convenient hit location cards etc. House rules link may be dead.
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