1,022 Warhammer/GW/40K Demotivational Posters


So I had the bright idea to collect all the 40K/WHFB/GW-related de/motivational posters in one place for people's enjoyment. After a few days that turned into over one THOUSAND images.

Posting them all here is probably not a good idea. I'd like to get them up somewhere where just anyone can contribute to the collection, but the best idea I've got right now is 1d4chan.org/wiki/Main_Page and honestly I'm not sure they want or could handle that many images. I sent the main guy, "Wikifag" (what is it with people throwing around the term "fag"?) an email but for now I've settled on tossing up a few a day to a tumblr page. Not that I know much about tumblr.

Another option would be to make a whole new Reddit subgroup, but ...meh. Just hoping to spread around some really cool and funny demotivational posters that people have created over the years. Unfortunately a lot where only publicly available on a website called motivatedphotos.com - now defunct.

Here's a taste of the ones I thought were more funny than the rest:

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