Aeronautica Imperialis
200pts of Eldar
(200pts of Imperial)

4 Nightwings
2 Phoenix

Battlefleet Gothic
1000pts of Eldar
(1000pts of Imperial)

Epic Armageddon
2000pts of Eldar - Warwalkers, Revenants, Titans, anything cheap on eBay.
(2000pts of Imperial - Warhounds, anything dirt cheap)

Dark Future
Anything dirt cheap, bikes, road pieces, templates, full game. Proper scale Lamborghinis, Ferrarris, BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, old Fords, Mustangs, Volvos etc. Ducati 916 style.
(Thunder Road game/models.)
(Car Wars game/models.)

Mordheim/Pit Fighter
Model from Mordheim, set up an arena. Dirt cheap.
10-15 models. Foundry historical gladiator minis.
Dice: D6, D8?, D10, D12, D20.
(Heroquest, Gladiator games, Warhammer Quest, Heroscape etc.)

Blood Bowl
Game board, set up online play.
Team, dirt cheap and fun. Painted, pref.

Warhammer 40,000 - priciest, easiest to find a game with.
40K concise rulebook from the box set - eBay.
Codex: Grey Knights (Hey, I'm only using it to put Inquisitors, Monkeys and Assassins on the table!)

Inquisitor with power armour, combi-melta, force sword
Servitors with Heavy Bolter, Multi-melta, maybe Plasma Cannon.
Servo skulls x3
Flak armour with Laspistol/Chainsword x10.
Flak armour with Meltagun, Plasma gun x10 each.
Flak armour with Stormbolter x20
Flak armour with Boltgun x10
Jokaeros x10
Crusader x5
Death Cult Assassin x5
Arco-flagellant x5
Daemonhost x2
Chainsaw Warrior
Chainsaw Warrior, model and game. Game bought.

Metal, bone, crystal, yahtzee dice + A DICE BOWL THING, b/c dice rolling techniques suck. Inquisition motif markers. Wound markers. Flickering smoke burn markers (easy to make).

Warhammer is 28mm, 1:35 for tank models, 1:60 or 1:50ish for rest. 25mm, 30mm, 33.5mm, 37mm (RR 'O' scale) might work.
Epic 40k is 6mm or 1:285-300 but Aeronautica Imperialis look bigger.
Dark Future is standard Matchbox/Hotwheels - roughly 1/60-64 or (20?) 23-25mm.

Objective markers
Warpstone something
Bottomless keg of beer
Wounded inquisitor lying down
Sword in the stone
Liber maleficarum
Inquisitorial emblem
Marilyn Monroe with "Help me!" speech bubble
Holy Grail
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

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