Callidus "Polymorphine" rules clarification

Issue: Can cover saves be taken against the Callidus Assassin’s Polymorphine attack?
Holding: Yes, cover saves may be taken against wounds caused by the Polymorphine attack, but only cover which does not depend on the position of the firer applies.
These guys are pretty pimp. Email or post your 40K rules questions and they find the precedents and similar rules to figure out the ACTUAL EVIDENCE and support for what or what not.

Cheers, dudes.


Small victories, man. I used the word monodominant in an official gov't interview writing skills exam. And scored high enough to get recruited. Heh. EDIT 2: Meh. Apparently the word does exist outside of WH40K - it's a biological term related to when a species has completely taken over a given niche in an area, such as when a certain type of tree is the only tree in one particular forest.

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