Melta weaponry. Starting to notice a pattern.

So every time I see an Imperial list there seems to be lots of Melta weaponry and especially Multi-meltas. And transports.

Some of each is cool. Too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing, especially when it crowds out the variety and fluff and cool toys. Everything should have a place. Every unit should be useful to some sort of list, maybe not totally competitive but within 10% or so. Same with weapons.

Let's not have Multi-meltas all over the place to the blatant exclusion of anything else. Maybe jack up the prices of transports and MMs. Maybe not have so many units that get to move and fire heavy weaponry at the same time.

Meh. Was going to have 2 sets of 3 servitors with my 2-Inquisitor army list, and have them be Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter and a Multi-melta. Now that looks suicidal against anything but footsloggers and horde armies. You simply have to have the anti-armoured vehicle stuff - and the Plasma Cannon at another 10 pts with the additional chance of blowing up yourself a bit of a pain. I like Heavy Bolters. Heavy Bolters look cool and awesome in any version of 40K - but I guess that's a thing of the past in the TT game these days.

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